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Hatch Keen is a brand created to provide quality school and office products mainly focusing on insulated vacuum ware products and stationary supplies.
Hatch Keen brand insulated products are built to last and provide convenient solutions for a more comfortable, enjoyable eating and drinking experience for people on the go, allowing consumers to make healthy choices on a daily basis.


Our Products
Vacuum insulation technology are designed to deliver reliable temperature retention performance day-in and day-out. No matter what the day may bring, depend on Hatch Keen brand superior insulated containers to keep food and beverages hotter, colder, fresher, longer. Hatch Keen delivers when it matters most.


Stainless Steel can Double vacuum Wall Insulated
Stationary accessories are a school and office supply essential. There is no easier way to keep your class or office notes organized. Students, admin-related works, teachers and parents can all find a convenient use for our supplies.


Plastic folder with full pockets
Genuine Hatch Keen Brand products use only the best available materials and the quality is tested throughout the entire manufacturing process to guarantee excellence. Consumers who choose our brand products can feel safe and confident knowing that they are using the highest quality in food and beverage; and school and office accessory supplies.
Indeed, Hatch Keen continues to flourish, expanding range of innovative and technologically advanced consumer products to cater the needs of our customers.